About Us

Quality, Accountability, Safety, Dependability

The History of Deluxe Auto Carriers, Inc

Deluxe Auto Carriers, Inc (DBA Excel Transporting & Towing) was established in 2001 by Jesse Holguin with a single five-car carrier. With great hopes and even greater determination, Jesse divided his time and efforts between scouting for work, transporting freight, and dealing with the day to day operations of a growing business. Within two years his efforts were starting to take shape, as the company experienced impressive growth and built a sterling reputation.

It was at this time when Raul Silva joined the company as a partner. Together, Jesse and Raul focused on the expansion of the company’s fleet and customer base. In the years to follow, they successfully built relationships with contract carriers, expanded and diversified their freight capabilities, and reinforced their driver training/safety platforms. Deluxe Auto Carriers, Inc has come a long way from its modest beginnings, and we work every day to continue our traditions of Quality, Accountability, Safety, Dependability.


Deluxe Auto Carriers’ Mission Statement

The mission of every auto carrier is to deliver cargo from one place to another, but the way in which Deluxe Auto Carriers completes our mission is as vital as the mission itself. This is what sets us apart. The foundation of our success has always been our values:

  • Quality:

    With the information gathered through random external and internal audits, customer satisfaction surveys, and employee feedback, we are able to achieve standards of quality that exceed customer expectations.

  • Accountability:

    As a service provider, we believe it is our responsibility to acknowledge and rectify anyproblems that may occur.

  • Safety:

    Continuous fleet maintenance, monthly safety meetings, and independent safety audits ensure our vehicles and employees are prepared and equipped to provide safe service of the highest standards.

  • Dependability: On-time

    and damage-freedelivery is what we provide. Our trained, courteous, and knowledgeable team of drivers is prepared to respond quickly and efficiently to serve our customers’ needs.

Going Green: Accountability to Clients and the Planet

Our values extend not only to our customers, but to our community and the planet as well. Deluxe Auto Carriers is constantly looking for new ways to increase efficiency and lower our impact on the environment for the benefit of all. Besides developing procedures and policies to increase fuel efficiency, we’ve also upgraded our communication, logging, and reporting software. These upgrades include ePOD paperless dispatches, which allow for the real-time transmission of data to customers during shipments. Clients get a better overview of their shipment status and our paper use is significantly reduced; everybody wins.


Deluxe Auto Carriers is committed to greater efficiency for our clients’ sake and the environment. That’s why we are proud to be SmartWay Certified.